About Remediis


Remediis is a product of Lara Summers Incorporated. We are a family run business dedicated to offer products that will enhance beauty and well being of our customers.

As equally as important, we like to consider ourselves a socially responsible enterprise. We aim to sell products that can be instrumental for giving back to society and protecting environment.

We are starting our adventure by providing Organic Argan Oil and Argan Oil based body and hair care products under the name of Remediis brand. Argan Oil and It’s Socio-Economic Role in Development of Rural Moroccan Women.

Argan three plays a vital role in the socio-economic development of the rural Moroccan women. It provides economic relief to millions of individuals in such a dry area. For hundreds of years, production of Argan oil was only on a local, household scale. It was not until the early 1990s that women started to form cooperatives to better organize the production and commercialization of Argan oil. These cooperatives changed the lives of women in the region. The women started to earn a decent living, provide for their families and help educate their children and themselves.

By purchasing our products, you will be supporting rural Moroccan women and their families in the Moroccan Villages where the Argan trees originate.


Unfortunately, not all Argan Oil in the market is authentic. Increasing popularity of Argan oil has brought an increase in unscrupulous activities. Dishonest vendors often sell diluted Argan oil along the roadsides near cooperatives in the region. As a result, there are many products in the market under the name of Argan oil mixed with various oils.

We are proudly announce that Remediis Argan Oil products made with 100 % Authentic Southwestern Organic Argan Oil.

We do not buy our products from the “middle man”. We import our products directly from ECOCERT certified cooperatives. ECOCERT is a European accredited control and certification body recognized by USDA for its independence, competence and impartiality. And in some ways it has more stricter standards to certify an organization as an “Organic” producer.

As consumer, you can trust that Remediis brand contains superior quality Argan Oil. We guarantee the product’s authenticity, membership in the geographical area (Arganeraie), and contribution to the development of the region.

Lara Summers Guiding Business Principles

High Value Products at Affordable Prices: We are to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices. Our pricing policy is driven by fixed and variable costs of our operational expenses to keep our business running.

Fair Trade: Remediis will relate to Fair-trade e-commerce concepts. We aim to purchase goods at fair prices from developing countries, usually cutting out the middleman or broker.

Socially Conscious Business: We care about giving back to society and protecting environment. We like to conduct our business to benefit both human beings and the environment. Thus, 10 % of each Remediis product is donated to organizations that help us achieving this goal.