Welcome to Remédiis

"Our mission is to introduce people to safe, natural beauty and well-being products from around the world. We promote artisan production methods, practice fair trade, and support socio-economic justice in the world."

Core Business Principles

Product Safety

Product Safety is our first priority. We only work with vendors who follow good manufacturing practices. Our product contents are fully disclosed. They are tested in credible labs and evaluated in a panel under a dermatologist's supervision.


Remédiis products are made with 100 % authentic ingredients. We obtain our goods from credible sources that we have partnered with for years, we work with mutual respect and trust.

Fair Trade

We do not buy our ingredients from a “middle man”. We purchase our goods directly from sources at fair prices. We want our products to benefit those who create them as well as those who use them.

Social Responsibility

Giving back is our passion. We donate 10 % of each item we sell to organization that promote social & economical justice all around the world.