Giving Back to Aleppo, one family at a time.

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April 7, 2016

Since we started Aleppo Soap line, we felt obligated to give back to Aleppian People whose recipe and craftsmanship made this amazing product available for the whole world. We felt obligated because while we were benefiting from Aleppo Soap, people of Aleppo were suffering. Especially, images of children were horrifying.

We glad to announce that we were able to fulfill our obligation this spring.

While we were in Turkey to source more products, we were also looking for ways to fund help back to Syrian refugees.

Our translator, Feyat Ali, connected us with Al-Braigh family, a refugee family from Aleppo.

The family was forced to immigrate to Turkey after their house was hit in air raids. When we met, the father was not with them. They had to leave him back home because he was not strong enough to bear two days walk to Turkish border. Except for the oldest son and the mother, the remainder of the children in the family were blind. They were eventually picked up by aid workers and taken to a safe location. Later, their father, who has a kidney disease, was able to join them.

Once they arrived in Turkey, however, the financial hardship started. The only income they had was a small amount of money given by the Turkish government and donations from other Syrian refugee families. The mother and the oldest son had to carry the load and provide for all three disadvantaged kids in a foreign country.

They were surprised to learn that we came all the way from America and wanted to give them money because of Aleppo Soap.

The kids were awesome. They tried to speak English and mumbled some Michael Jackson songs. One son, Mohammed Selim, knows a lot about computer programming. We were dumbfounded when he started talking about Linux coding, which is not a mainstream computer knowledge. We were astonished that being blind didn’t stop him to learn about Linux system.

They offered us tea, we spoke for a few hours about their life in Turkey and kids’ education.

At the end of the visit, we were heartbroken that we couldn’t provide more meaningful help to the family – our donation could cover only three weeks of groceries.

Nevertheless, this was one of the best spiritual experiences that we had had in our entire lives. We were able to help a very needy family.

We are hopeful that as Remédiis grows, we will have more potential to offer more aid to a bigger pool of people in more meaningful ways.

Remédiis USA

P.S. From Left to Right: M. Muaffak (Oldest Brother), M.Rida (Youngest Brother), Aycan (Remédiis Founder), M.Selim (Middle Brother)


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