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Aleppo Soap 3 Pack

Aleppo Soap 3 Pack
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Aleppo Soap 3 Pack
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Our all natural, authentic Castile soap is handmade using artisan production techniques that have been employed for over 2400 years. Aleppo Soap can be used daily for washing body & hair, as face mask for cleansing black spots and as natural shaving soap.

Essential Benefits

  • 100 % Vegan Handmade Artisan Soap
  • No Synthetic Chemicals, Artificial Ingredients or Animal Fats
  • Distinguished by Addition of Natural Antiseptic Laurel Bay Oil
  • Helps to Heal Irritated Skin, Skin Allergies, Eczema, Psoriasis, and Rosacea.
  • 7 Oz. Big Economical Bar
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