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  • All natural, earth lava pumice stone, hand selected from thousands of years old lava layers of old Volcano. Having over 90% porosity and excellent abrasive characteristics, Remédiis Pumice Stones are perfect for personal grooming applications.

    Applications & Benefits

    Remove dead skin layers out of heels
    Buff away unwanted body hair
    Smooth your skin & help avoid ingrown hair
    Scrub away calluses and dry skin


    Remove Dead Skin and Calluses

    Use an anti-bacterial solution to sanitize the stone.

    Rub the stone in circular motion until you get to the fresh skin underneath. Wash away dead skin and apply moisturizer to prevent cracks. For best results, use it after bathing while your skin is hot and supple.

    Hair Removal

    In circular motion scrub the area that you want to buff. Do not press too hard or use up & down sawing motion. Repeat the exfoliation until the area is free of hair. Always use an anti-bacterial solution to help stone move across your skin and prevent bacterial infection.

    Caring For Your Stone

    After each use, wash away all hair and dead skin from the pores and keep it dry to prevent bacterial growth.